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Clayton’s Best Gift-Giving Guide: Find the Perfect Gift for Family, Friends & Coworkers


The holiday 2020 season is here, but we know what you might be thinking: “What am I going to give and where am I going to get it?” With time limited and the deadline to give near, we’ve put together a Clayton holiday gift guide with ideas and suggestions to help you find that perfect gift for everyone on your list.

How Do I Find the Perfect Holiday 2020 Gift?

It can be challenging to find the perfect gift – there is so much to consider, including personality and personal style and likes and dislikes. But with budget and time in mind, here are a few savvy strategies to get you started on your 2020 gift buying (and maybe even land yourself in the best gift-giver ever category!).

  • Pay attention to their expression of affection for things and experiences.
  • Recall their complaints and then purchase something that solves that issue.
  • Start your list early and add gift ideas as they come to you.
  • Use intuition rather than impulse when buying for that complicated person in your life.
  • Never equate cost with value.
  • Consider giving experiences over things.

Sustainable Giving With Upcycled Gifts

Consider browsing upscale consignment stores for one-of-a-kind items, like Byrd on Maryland Avenue. They have gently used and hard-to-find designer labels.

Clothing From Small-Batch Designers

Support smaller labels and reap the benefits of gifting a unique clothing item with perfect fit and style. For women, check out Sweet Boutique (on Maryland Avenue), Mod on Trend (on Ladue Road), and Lusso (next to Kaldi’s Coffee).

Why Not Give the Gift of Liquid?

Liquids come in many forms, from local and favorite brews at nearby Craft Beer Cellar to specialty oils at Extra Virgin, an Olive Ovation. For wine aficionados, visit The Wine Merchant and The Wine & Cheese Place – both are on Forsyth Avenue and offer other gourmet items like cheeses, spirits, and sauces and syrups.

Gifts For People Who Have Everything

Have someone on your gift-giving list who has everything they need or want? While some might refer to those individuals as high maintenance, we like to think they have great taste. Lucky for you, everything far from the norm or geniusly weird is fair game – and easily accessed from the comfort of your refined Two Twelve Clayton apartment home. Try Kolumb’s Wallet Power Card for that on-the-go person on your list – their cellphone will always have a full charge. Purchase stainless-steel beverage chiller sticks – their beverages will never be more chill. Or buy a set of Gonex Packing Cubes – the perfect gift for the travelers in your circle.

Celebrate the Holiday 2020 Season in Style

Most of all, have fun. Treat it like a hunt and have fun exploring your neighborhood – and lucky for you, gifting is a way to express gratitude for the people in your life. And, in return, you’ll feel happier and healthier. From our family to yours – happy holidays!